CONNECTED & CONFIDENT with Melissa J Scott

05 Managing Fear, Stress and Anxiety in Challenging Times with Karyn Battersby

March 30, 2020 Melissa J Scott Season 1 Episode 5
CONNECTED & CONFIDENT with Melissa J Scott
05 Managing Fear, Stress and Anxiety in Challenging Times with Karyn Battersby
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Our guest on the CONNECTED Podcast Episode 5 is Karyn Battersby. This is an awesome discussion for business owners, managers, leaders and parents trying to deal with the uncertain times right now with the lockdown caused from COVID-19, and looking for answers in how to manage their emotions and get elevated to a positive mindset.

Karyn Battersby is a Human Behaviour Specialist, Coach and Counsellor. Karyn shares with us some fantastic tips and real life solutions about developing a positive mindset and coming from a place of resilience and self-assurance. Although we speak specifically about the pandemic crisis, this information can be applied to any tough challenges in our life.

One thing that has come up for all of us during this period is just how unprepared business owners have been for such drastic changes in our lives, and being asked to make very tough decisions in regards to our team, our suppliers, and to our value as a service provider as to whether or not we are even deemed as an 'essential service'! Let alone how are we going to afford our rent and mortgage payments!

Challenging times are unsettling and the repercussions can be very overwhelming. Karyn and I discuss many techniques that we use to overcome adversity including how to have a healthy growth mindset, getting above ourselves and our situation to allow us to create an action plan and implement it, and to operate from a place of high self-worth and live by our values.

Karyn can be reached via her Facebook page Karyn Battersby or her upcoming website:

There is so much gold in this interview, so listen along and please share if there's somebody you know not doing so well.

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7:37 What's inside comes out, if you've got your back up against the wall. You know your character is going to be really revealed in these difficult times.

15:37 You need to connect back to yourself, you need to understand what your vision and your mission and your values are, because you're going to be making some tough decisions.

21:40 You're managing your anxiety by taking action. Taking some positive action towards resolving or solving the problem.

31:16 You really have to bring it back to not just a cognitive process, but connecting and feeling. 

44:29 Encouraging people to learn to self regulate, then that allows them to step into that helping space instead of being fearful.

50:12 A good way for business owners to come out of this is coming up with care packages that are more relevant to what their customers need right this minute because it could have just changed.

59:08 After this stress and trauma we can reinvent our businesses and also ourselves, you can have what's called post traumatic growth.