CONNECTED & CONFIDENT with Melissa J Scott

11 Healthy Sexual Energy & Quality Connections With Jacqueline Hellyer

May 08, 2020 Melissa J Scott Season 1 Episode 11
CONNECTED & CONFIDENT with Melissa J Scott
11 Healthy Sexual Energy & Quality Connections With Jacqueline Hellyer
Show Notes

My guest for this podcast is Jacqueline Hellyer. She is a sex therapist and educator, a relationship coach, speaker, author and blogger. An accredited psychosexual therapist, a certified coach with a Master's of Science in sexual health. 

She helps individuals and couples really find themselves not just through sex therapy, but with relationship counseling and coaching as well. Her goal is to help people cultivate love through their sexuality and use it to create greater connection, well-being and meaning in life.

In this Podcast, we will be covering the fundamentals of relationships, sex and well-being and how to properly raise our children with the right distinctions instead of distortions about the reality of sexuality. And the true meaning and methods of Tantra and how to have a deep, meaningful connection with yourself and those with who you have an intimate relationship.

In this interview you will discover:
How to awaken your sexuality and discover what you truly need
How to raise our kids with sex education, not just reproduction education 
The realities of how porn is for entertainment, not education 
How to shake any shame you have around sex and discover there’s more to it than just the physical side
How sex can make us better people and build more rewarding connections 

This expert advice will enable you to take control of your life, get in touch with your body and soul, and allow you to connect with those who matter most to you.

As Jacqueline describes, “Humans are essentially bonding creatures, that's how we function. We have right from the start. We are in small groups, we connect with people. It is so fundamental to our health and well being, emotional, physical, and mental that we have good quality connections with significant people in our lives. That is the essence of being human. We're not solo animals, we need other people.”


One of the ways that we have a quality connection with our most intimate and beloved is through sex.

When you throw shame and guilt into something that's so fundamental. You screw everybody up.

We don't give our kids sex education. We give them reproduction education.

Sexual energy creates life energy. It’s a vital energy that creates life. Not just babies but our own life.

Tantra essentially is a way of getting more in touch with yourself and developing spiritually.

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