CONNECTED & CONFIDENT with Melissa J Scott

14 Sales Success and Getting Real Results with Phil Lee

August 07, 2020 Melissa J Scott Season 1 Episode 14
CONNECTED & CONFIDENT with Melissa J Scott
14 Sales Success and Getting Real Results with Phil Lee
Show Notes

Pressured by trying to achieve sales? Are your methods just not working anymore?

In a quickly changing world, connection is crucial for success. This is success in life, relationships and business. People love to buy, but they hate 'being sold to', so it's time to drop the outdated, flashy sales approach and really connect to your customers, solve their problems and communicate their truth.

This week’s guest is Phil Lee. He is a sales trainer, expert coach and in demand speaker on the subject.

Phil started running two successful IT businesses in 2004, founding the Australian office of one of the world’s leading sales and leadership training and coaching companies. He is known for transforming under-performing sales and business people into consistent over-producers, and helping businesses thrive through a fresh approach to sales and connection.

And I should know because he trained me in sales years ago and I’ve never forgotten what I learned as it was so helpful and just as much about psychology and intuition and caring about your customer, as it is about closing the deal. In this podcast I really  wanted to get that human side across and that sales does not have to be sleazy. It is incredibly important that business owners get over their fear around sales and get good at it, because there will be less deals on the table, more competition, and tighter budgets right now and into the foreseeable future during COVID-19.

“As humans we are motivated by one of two things, the avoidance of pain and seeking pleasure. The strongest psychological motivator for human beings is the avoidance of pain. Some businesses are worried that they might not survive for example. The unspoken thing is that this is talking about being able to develop the connection and the trust, so you can lead people in this conversation of what their personal compelling reason is for making a change and doing something. You need trust and connection to get to their truth and help them solve that problem and overcome that fear.”
- Phil Lee

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The difference between trying to force a sale and using connection to guarantee one later on
  • How to keep your self-esteem intact and not personalise sale rejection
  • The importance of the right mindset'Effective Selling strategies, Tactics and Behaviour
  • The three levels of pain
  • How to distinguish the right customer base and avoid useless leads


“How effective are you in terms of your mindset, selling strategies, tactics and behaviour?”

“When a client is a bit wishy washy, you let them know that you think they’re not ready just yet and that it’s fine. You let them know they can come back when they’re ready.”

“When you try to sound like the traditional ‘I want to make a sale’ type seller, the more you're going to push them away and the more closed off they're going to be.”

Understanding the pain that your audience is in. That's when you got to get to the truth."

'Sales is part of communication science, part of behavioural science and part of an art. Sales and communications is psychology.” 

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