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27 Midlife Crisis! Bucket Lists and Finding Yourself at 50 with Melissa J Scott

May 13, 2021 Melissa J Scott Season 2 Episode 27
CONNECTED & CONFIDENT with Melissa J Scott
27 Midlife Crisis! Bucket Lists and Finding Yourself at 50 with Melissa J Scott
Show Notes

Well this episode is certainly me letting my guard down and getting super honest and personal about this next stage of my life as I turn 50! I’m not sure where the time all went, because I sure don’t feel 50, but… on the event of the big milestone birthday it was great to reflect and share some of my feelings around it, and in particular about rediscovering my connection with myself.

I think most of us can relate if we’ve spent the past few decades as a partner, a business owner, a high achiever, a parent, a carer. It’s really, really easy to get lost in the story of your life and lose touch with who you really are, and even moreso… what you really want!!!

If you’ve been following my journey this year, you will know that I’ve ended a serious relationship and am committed to being single for a while, I’ve taken up body building, have reconnected with singing again and actively starting a band, am planning a trip to the outback later this year and most recently, put the wheels in motion to get my motorcycle licence! My youngest has also wrapped up school and turned 18, so I feel like I’m sitting at the pinnacle of my new life and not sure what I actually want!!

“We are all just thinking, feeling, emotional creatures. We are so busy living for the people that we love, that we forget to create a relationship with the most important person of all… ourselves”
Melissa J Scott

The first challenge I faced in the lead up to my 50th birthday seems so easy, but I can’t tell you how hard it was. Just figuring out exactly how I wanted to celebrate my birthday took months to figure out. At the core of it was the sad act, I just didn’t know how to celebrate myself. And I find a lot of women, and men too, simply don’t know how to do this as it isn’t something that comes naturally. Planning a party that was purely around me, was incredibly difficult, because all my life the focus had been on a partner, or my children, or a dear friend, or a client. When it was about somebody else, decision making was infinitely easier!

And this indecision is also something that has carried over into my business career all my life. I have achieved major milestones in my career, superseded fantastic goals, won major projects and new clients and very rarely would I ever actually take the time to be in the moment and celebrate the success or truly acknowledge what an excellent thing I had just done.

Being single and going into my 50th birthday is somewhere I never saw myself as being. We are socially conditioned to believe that we are kind of only a half person if we aren’t completed by a partner. So it took a bit of soul searching to recognise that this period of time is actually a blessing and a wonderful opportunity, for the first time in many years, to truly put some time into my own growth and rediscover the things that interest me, and how I really want to live my life.

“It is a wonderful thing to be connected, not just to our friends and family, but really and truly connected to ourselves.” Melissa J Scott

If any of this is resonating with you or a loved one, please listen in and share if you think it can inspire somebody else to live their best life too.

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